Tiny Dark Deeds Bonus Epilogue


“I thought you were supposed to be helping me study,” I gasped, the dark prince nibbling at my neck. We’d only been on Pembroke’s campus a week, and I already had a test to prepare for. I closed my eyes. “Dorian…”

“Sloane.” Beefy hands cupped the underside of my breasts beneath my shirt, his kisses hot and heavy on my neck. He’d been trying to get some all night, but I’d been strong, resisted. He chuckled. “Just five minutes.”​

The dark prince didn’t take five minutes to do anything. His devious pursuits were slow, intentional. 

​Especially between my legs. 

​He had his hand on my sex through my shorts while he tongued my earlobe, my eyes falling back. “I have a test.”

​“Don’t fucking care.”

​“I have to be up for it in the morning.”

​“And like I don’t have football at the butt crack of dawn.” He came away from my neck with freshly tousled locks, his lips red and bruised from his assault against my neck. He grinned. “No offense, Sloane, but no one is keeping me away from eating dessert. Not even you.”

​That was what he called eating me out, dessert when he slid his hand beneath my shorts, then tugged them down. Ebony irises flared, and I lost him when he tossed my books on the floor and disappeared between my legs. 

​He was so good at this, slow. He always wet my panties first with his tongue before nibbling my lower lips between his teeth.

​“You do have football.” I wriggled, my heels digging into his mattress. We were in his dorm room. My hand fisted his hair. “You can’t be tired for it.”

​Because football was his dream, his intent to go pro one day. He’d been recruited to Pembroke University’s football team and offered a full scholarship, one he didn’t need, which was why he passed on the money, but not on the playing. My man loved to play football, and that was what he’d decided to do with his life until he was ready to run his family’s businesses.

​My man. 

​It was crazy how fast life moved these days, prom, graduation. A wonderful summer filled with family and friends. A trip to Greece with my family. Dorian had even come with us all to do that. It’d been a blast.

​My own dorm room was filled with those memories, pictures. I got to stare at them every day and the smiling faces in them. Another good thing about Pembroke was it was only a couple hours away from Maywood Heights, so I wouldn’t be far and both Dorian and Ares promised we’d all go back at least two weekends a month. They knew I needed that, already missing Bru and Ramses and Brielle, and of course Bow and everyone else. Hell, Thatcher and Wells alone wouldn’t have allowed for any less than two weekends a month, and the same went with Dorian and Ares. This was the first time any of the Legacy boys had been apart since birth, and though they were modest about it, I saw how sad they’d all been when Dorian, Ares, and I moved out here. 

​How those hugs had been extra tight.

​It was sweet, their connection, but what wasn’t was my twin brother’s rage if he caught Dorian and me in here doing this. I pushed at Dorian again. “If you’re not going to stop for football. Stop for Ares because I’m really not trying to hear it today.”

​He and Dorian ended up getting a dorm room together, and that had been tricky. The last time Dorian and I had fooled around Ares had walked in on us, which had been awkward as fuck for all of us. I’d barely gotten a chance to get my shirt on before Ares came in and just… yuck. It hadn’t been pleasant for any of us, and the very next day, Ares barked about me being out of here at a certain hour. He was currently at the library studying himself because he too had bullshit general education classes outside of his art stuff, but he’d be coming back soon.

​Obviously, I was taking my twin brother’s threats more seriously than my boyfriend who was currently between my legs. I heard a growled, “fuck him” before Dorian tugged over my panties and latched onto my sex.

​My hips bucked but he held them down, his tongue in hungry flicks, his hands cuffing my thighs. He growled deep. “I told you. I only need five minutes.”


​I swear to God he got just as much pleasure as I did doing this. He got off on this, a man starved as he funneled my juices into his mouth. He bit at my pussy, blowing heat before using his tongue to probe me. 

​How was he so good at this shit?

​I held him there, giving in, my eyes rolling back into my head. I called out his name, as I gripped his shirt. “Well, then hurry the fuck up.”

​As if to be an asshole, he slowed, peering up at me when he drew his tongue across my damp pussy. His teeth pinched my lower lips. “Say please.” He stopped entirely then, waiting while he blew a warm current over my sex. I wriggled, but he held me steadfast. “Say please, Sloane.”​

“Fuck you.”

​“I will once you say please.” His grin was lazy, devilish. He pressed a kiss to my inner thigh, fisting my flesh before biting it. I nearly came right then, but he stopped again. “Say it and you get what you want.” He drew his finger down my thigh. “What only I can give you.”

​He was so goddamn arrogant…

​But if he wasn’t fucking right.

​Refusing to tell him that, I stayed silent, and his grin only stretched. 

​He added a thick digit to my pussy then, his finger disappearing in and out of me. I gasped, and he covered my mouth with his hand before forcing my shirt up.

​His hand kept me from calling out, as I was forced to watch him ease away my bra cups one by one. The last he kept hooked down with his thumb, then encircled my areola with one of his digits. 

​The one that had my juices still on it.

​He then proceeded to suck that nipple into his mouth, and I screamed into his hand. 

​“Dorian, please,” I called, but with his hand on my mouth it came out muted and fucked. “Dorian, please. Please.”

​“What was that?” My nipple left his mouth in a pop, his lips damp, sexy. He licked them before flicking my elongated nipple. “Was that a please?”

​He knew goddamn well it was. I bucked, then bit down hard on his hand. 

​He cursed, removing his hand and cuffing my throat instead. He squeezed and not gentle, which almost made me come again.

​God, we were so fucked up. 

​We liked this shit, both of us.

​“The next word that comes out of your mouth better be please, little fighter,” he said, almost tender despite his hand being around my throat. He moved to my ear. “Tell me I’m your god.”​

I used to hate that he was, how he was so much of my everything. 

​I found so many people in my life these days. So many people I loved, but the dark prince held such a unique spot. He was so much of my everything.

​“Please,” I breathed out, but before I could call him a god he kissed my mouth.​

He was tender this time, his kisses light yet hungry. He found a perfect balance. ​

“I’m your god,” he said, sliding my panties off. He bought my legs up, his smile playful, boyish. He pocketed them, before working his jeans and boxers down. He hung heavy, thick and when he pulled his shirt off I didn’t question his god status. His frame was firm, solid and the rest of him was chiseled and defined. He was perfect in every way. ​

I ran my hands up his chest, and he let me, grinning the whole way. He was so goddamn arrogant.

​“You’re a god,” I said, begrudgingly but I smiled when he kissed my mouth. He bit me before flopping on his back and taking me with him. He made me mount him and when he slowly eased himself inside me, I watched the euphoria hit his face. I watched this god turn back into a man.

​And that was because of me.

​I was his kryptonite, his Achilles’ heel. I humbled him and brought him down from his Mt. Olympus, and he did the same to me. 

​He held my thighs as I fucked him from above, my arms up when he made me take my shirt and bra off. It seemed he needed to look at me, feel me. He cupped my breasts, pinching my nipples before forcing me to come down on top of him. He hugged me, biting my neck, and I called out.  

​“I am your god,” he said, his mouth moving against my neck. “And you’re my goddess.”

​He came before me, so hard, his cock vibrating thick and emptying inside me. Well, once that hit I was done for. I closed my eyes, as that heat exploded in my core, panting and my body flush all over. 

​“That’s it, little fighter,” Dorian coached, bringing me on my back. He kissed my neck on the come down. “Stop the fight.”

​I had stopped fighting. I couldn’t fight with him.

​I loved him so much.

​We were silent for what felt like so long after, but it probably had only been minutes, seconds. I was in such peace I think that was why I nearly missed the next words he said. 

​“Move in with me,” he said, my head tilted in his direction. He kissed my temple. “Make this every day. Every night, and you don’t have to leave.”

​He was speaking foolish of course, and I did laugh. He lived in a one bedroom dorm with my brother. “I’m sure Ares would have something to say about that.”

​“Fuck, Ares.” These boys. I swear when Dorian wasn’t telling Ares to fuck himself, Ares was saying the same thing about him. That was just how they were, brothers from another mother and just as dysfunctional with their bro love. Dorian grinned. “And I don’t mean here. You and I. We’d get a place.”

​I cocked my head. “We’re freshman. We have to live in the dorms.” That was actually a thing, which I thought was weird but whatever.

​Dorian pouted. “I have a building named after me, and I can do whatever the fuck I want.”

​He wasn’t lying about that, and actually, there was a Mallick building on campus too as well as Reed and Ambrose, those named after Thatcher, Bow, and Wells’s families. Fact of the matter was, all the Legacy families had donated enough money to this campus that the university saw fit enough to give them buildings.

​It was kind of crazy how much power they had, even outside of Maywood Heights. I wrapped my arms around Dorian. “I’m not ripping you away from the college experience with Ares.” And I was sure when Thatcher and Wells got here they’d all want to live together. “You guys should live together.”

​“He’d understand.” He kissed my hand. “Move in with me.” Kiss. “Please.”

​He was making love to my hand at this point, which returned tingles directly between my legs. God, this boy. I’d tell him anything he wanted when he did things like this. 

​“We have plenty of time,” I ended up saying, and probably the hardest thing ever. Truth of the matter was, I did want to live with him. I wanted to be in his bed every day and never wanted to leave. I wanted to take showers with him in the morning and wake up to those dark eyes every day. I touched one, his lid soft. “I mean, you might regret not having a regular college experience. Being a bro and living with your bros…” I scanned his eyes. “Playing the field.”

​I thought about that sometimes, how being with me he was giving up a lot. I mean, I was too but I didn’t care. I didn’t want anyone else. 

​He drew fingers through my hair. “Is that what you think? By being with you, I’m giving something up?” Chuckling after he voiced my thoughts, he wrapped my arms around his neck. “Little fighter, I fucked my way through half our goddamn town, and that was before my junior year.”​

“Nice.” Asshole. I went to hit him, and he chuckled again. 

​He grabbed my arms, looking at me. “I just mean been there done that.” He touched my forehead with his. “And it wasn’t this. It will never be this.”

​He kissed me as if to cement it, hot, heavy. I was burning again by the time he finished. 

​His thumb touched my lip. “It’s you and me always, forever, and the only thing keeping me from legalizing that now is the fact I don’t want to freak you out by asking you to marry me too soon,” he said, my heart leaping but he only grinned. “And I really don’t want my godfather, ie your dad to kick my ass. He and Brielle just got you back. I don’t want to steal any time from them, time they deserve and should have with you.”

​Oh, my God.

​His knuckles brushed my cheek. “I’m giving them these next four years with you. Because you’re right. We do have time, but make no mistake this thing with you and me is fucking inevitable. It’s not if but when with us, and that’s always how I’ll see it. It’s you and me against the world, little fighter. I don’t need to play the field.”

​It was like he couldn’t say anything more perfect, and when I kissed him I was surprised I didn’t have tears in my eyes. I mean, he just said we were getting married.

​He basically proposed.

​I felt the same way, the dark prince always making sacrifices. Sacrifices for me and everyone else. He was right. I did need time with Ramses and Brielle. I needed time with them, Ares, Bru, and everyone else. Us kids all just needed to be in college and having all those wonderful experiences.

​“I feel the same way,” I admitted, and he looked at me, his smile widening. I smiled too. “And thank you. Thank you for that time.”

​He nodded, knowing exactly what I needed before even I did. 

​He was always so good at that.

​He told me he loved me before kissing me hard, heavy. We basically just both said we were getting married one day, and that was crazy. 

​“I love you too,” I told him, letting him take me on my back and forgetting where I was. Had I, I would have remembered he wasn’t the only one who lived here. 

​We heard Ares’s voice before his key sounded at the door. He’d been saying hi to someone in the hallway, and Dorian and I both cursed. He was half naked, and I was totally naked.

​Scrambling, we both got on the majority of our clothes, but I couldn’t find my shirt. Dorian ended up taking his off and giving it to me. We both knew Ares would have something to say about me being in here so late in general and since neither one of us were trying to hear it, Dorian grabbed me, flicked the light off, then hunkered down with me under the sheets. He whispered-laughed to me to be quiet.

​“We’ll sneak you out after he falls asleep,” he said, both of us in muted hysterics. He had to hold me tight just to keep me from laughing, but we managed to by the time light hit the wall from the hallway, and Ares came into the room. The door closed quick and heavy foot falls sounded across the dorm.

​Dorian and I stayed quiet, his hand over my mouth to keep me that way. Some shuffling sounded before the bed creaked across the other side of the room. I thought we’d both gotten away with me being in here, but then something hit the wall on our side of the dorm.

​It was my shirt.

​“Night, Sloane,” Ares ground out, and I peeked from beneath the bedding to see him in his own bed and facing the wall. His shoulders lifted with a sigh. “And just so you both know I’m going to start bringing my orgies in here starting tomorrow. Pay back is a bitch and consider yourselves both warned.”

​He chuckled after he said it, and Dorian threw his pillow at him.

​This only made Ares laugh more, and I dry heaved. I guessed Dorian and I would both be hanging out at my place from now on. Sometimes we did, but I had a roommate who went to bed early.

​“You’re an asshole, big!” I shouted, hoping to God he was joking about the orgies, but knowing him and the rest of Legacy…

​“He’s joking,” Dorian whispered, kissing me once on the head before wrapping his arms around me. I guess now that Ares knew I was in here there was no point in me leaving.

​“Not joking,” Ares called out, his deep laughter rumbling again. “And love you too, little.”

​My eyes lifted, before snuggling up on Dorian. It was going to be an interesting next four years and especially once the rest of Legacy graduated. I didn’t know everyone’s plans, but if Thatcher and Wells in particular ended up at Pembroke too the antics would definitely ensue. There would be no living around any of them if the four of them were together.

 Dorian chuckled at what Ares said, but ultimately ignored him, laying with me. Soon the room was quiet, and it was just me and the dark prince’s heat. 

​“Let me know about the housing situation,” he said in the night and just between us. His nose brushed mine. “But if you don’t want to that’s okay. I’ll wait for you.”

​He said the words with his eyes closed and on the cusp of sleep, and eventually, he did sleep. His breaths soft. His body a slow rise and fall. I bet he would wait for me if I made him, and maybe I would. Maybe I wouldn’t. It was just nice knowing we had options. We had forever.

​We had nothing but time.

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